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What Type Of Bathroom Remodel Are You Envisioning in your Arvada home?

"Bathroom Remodeling in Arvada"  When searching for this term, our clients will find they are flooded with an abundance of contractors to choose from. As one of the contractors offering Arvada, Colorado bathroom remodeling services, we appreciate that you chose the one that will listen to your requirements and desires and act upon them. Letali Bathroom Remodeling strives to acquire and keep business by providing the most comprehensive bathroom remodeling services in the Arvada, Colorado community. With that in mind, we hope to gain your trust by knowing that we have been successfully satisfying our clients' remodels in Arvada, Colorado since 2007 and building homes in the area since 2002.

All About Bathroom renovations in Arvada, Colorado


Starting a bathroom remodel can be overwhelming with all the possibilities available. At Letali Bathroom Remodeling, we will relieve that stress from you and provide you with all the guidance you require throughout the remodeling process. To give you peace of mind, we assure you will get your project completed with the functionality, style, and amenities you requested, to complete satisfaction, and staying within the agreed upon budget. Below our gallery, we give an idea of the elements that go into a bathroom remodel to take into consideration.  We will gladly walk you through the process.

Marble Surface



  • Cabinets - A top priority in any bath remodel. Replacing aged cabinetry with updated ones can give a larger return on investment.

  • Countertop - To create a spa-like environment, we offer luxurious styles of quartz, granite, or marble materials.

  • Bathtub - It's inevitable to include a new tub for those who love soaking in the tub or have small children. Choose from a large garden tub, a jacuzzi tub, or a side-entry tub for those that require accessibility.

  • Flooring - An extensive variety of flooring will give your bathroom a foundation you’ll love. Choose from wood, ceramic, tile, and natural stone.

  • Storage - Include generous storage features in your bathroom for ideal organization of towels, toiletries, and linens.

  • Faucets & Fixtures - Today’s assortment of faucets and fixtures includes the most popular styles and finishes including matte black, rose gold, and satin brass.

  • Custom Shower Enclosure - With a wide range of possibilities to design with, the shower becomes a popular feature to our clients looking to transform their bathroom.

  • Painting - The finishing touch, a newly painted bathroom will enrich the look and feel of your space beautifully.

  • Wall Covering - Wall coverings and wallpaper are becoming more popular to decorate with, to include exciting floral, geometric, damask, and many more designs and décor to choose from.

  • Backsplash & Tile Work - Creating a beautiful look and functionality with tile at the backsplash, shower surround, flooring, and even the bathroom walls is what our expert designers and tile layers do.



Remodeling a bathroom can be a difficult and tedious process.  From design to finding a trustworthy bathroom contractor in Arvada, Colorado, every step of the process can easily become a headache. This is where Letali flourishes! Our Arvada design team will be with you through every step of the process to offer advice and guidance to creating your bathroom oasis. 

From rendering your bathroom design, deciding what bathroom cabinets and countertops to install, tub and shower selection, paint colors and floor finishes, we’re here to guide you through every decision. After signing off on your design, your personal Project Manager will supervise the bathroom installation through to completion; we’ll take all the necessary steps to ensure that everything meets our strict quality standards.


First, you’ll want to meet with us and get your free bathroom remodeling consultation. We will study your space and discuss what you have in mind for your remodel.  At this time, we will interpret the scale of your project and assist you in figuring the budget required. Once our visit is complete, we will follow up on your bathroom remodel project as follows:
  1. Send over a Free appraisal for your Bathroom Remodel

  2. Adjust Details to match your Budget

  3. Submit a Final Bath Remodeling Details & Pricing

  4. We provide a 3-D design of your bathroom remodel

  5. Project Timeline is Set

  6. Your Remodel Begins

  7. Our crew conducts a detailed Clean-Up & Final Site Inspection (walk-thru) is completed.

  8. We reveal what our hard working team has been creating, Your New Bathroom!



Your satisfaction is not only our guarantee, but also the reason we enjoy doing what we do. Our customers become family.  So we ensure that every step of our remodeling services meets and even surpasses your expectations. We started as a home building business (sister company) and decided that we could bring the same top-notch service to our clients when we expanded into Arvada Bathroom Remodeling and renovations. 

It’s time to get that bathroom you’ve always wanted! Reach out to us today and let Letali create something magical for you. 

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